Friday, 29 March 2013

ヅ ✿Song Creating Love ✿ヅ

hye peep semua entry kli nie qiela nak share dgn anda semua satu lagu yang qiela rasa besh sgt berulang jugak la qiela putarkan lagu nie dicorong lappy qiela..hahaha..qiela siap bg translation in english lagi tahu..jomjom dgr..owh ya lagu nie qiela start dgr sjak qiela first tgk cite personal taste.. so sweet.. besh sgtsgt sape da tgk cite nie jom komen ape pendpt korang mengenai cerita nie ...

Translation :

There is an event that made me happy today
The time when I met you
And the fact that I knew I had someone to love
Really, how is it like to love, is it sweet
How would a kiss be like in a dark alley
Would the sky become white, and would I hear the bells
Talks about love, talks about not looking well together
Probably a different world's work, distant end words
My heart keeps thumping, my eyes are crossing
How can I love?
I love you, I think this feeling is love
Without him I cannot smile
The fact that he is my love, my heart keeps changing mind
My mind is going tilted
Forget all of the cold words oh
oh even if I shed tears, I only need him, my love
Put your arms around me, hold me sweetly
Always tell me that you will stay with me
You make my heart beat fast and make me shy again
He makes me nervous, what shall I do
Smooth like chocolate and sweet
Everyday makes me think more deeply
Like cold ice, make my heart melt
Hope his warm love will be like the beginning
My heart is beating, and I start blushing
1 minute 1 second without you, I am only looking at the watch
Think it is nothing, I think he like it when I cry and laugh
I love you I think this feeling is love
Without him, I cannot laugh
I keep changing by The fact that he is my love
My heart keeps tilting
Forget all of the cold words oh
Oh even if I shed tears, I only need him, my love
I shed tears, if I think he will ever go away far
I couldn’t express, nor did I know
I probably already love you
I love you, I live in a pink world
The sun shines on me all day
I want to be his girl but I probably am changing inside
I am the most comfortable when I am next to him
I want to keep you in my vision, oh baby
Oh, I love you the way you love me, my love

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